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SM1702 Creative Media Studio I

Object and Installation L06 & L05

Christo and Jeanne-Claude (1971-1995) 'Wrapped Reichstag, Berlin'. Photograph: Wolfgang Volz (1995).

Christo and Jeanne-Claude (1971-1995) ‘Wrapped Reichstag, Berlin’. Photograph: Wolfgang Volz (1995).

In this series of half-day intensive studios, students explore the fundamental concepts of objects in space, through the creation of three-dimensional art objects and installation. Students are encouraged to investigate both the structural and metaphorical potential of a range of materials.


  • To develop a strong sense of three-dimensional creation.
  • To understand objects as sites of information.
  • To consider the relationship between objects, locations and people.
  • To become resourceful and experimental when creating and staging artworks.

Schedule per week:

  1. How do objects tell stories pt.1. Found objects and storytelling (25%).
  2. How do objects tell stories pt.2. Making Chinese proverbs in clay (25%).
  3. How do objects relate to space pt.1. Yarn bombing location hunt & knitting with chopsticks.
  4. How do objects relate to space pt.2. Yarn bombing a Hong Kong location (25%).
  5. How do objects relate to the body pt.1. Becoming a cyborg with papier mache and found objects.
  6. How do objects relate to the body pt. 2: Final exhibition/performance of cyborg works and final critique (25%)


  1. Found object stories (25%)
  2. Working in clay (25%)
  3. Working with yarn and space (25%)
  4. Papier mache and found objects (25%)

Each student must submit a PDF portfolio of all the above works with captions and statements one week after the last lesson.


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